Siddhanath Hamsa Yoga

Shiva Shakti

Yogiraj with Gurumata - Shiva Shakti

Siddhanath Hamsa Yoga

 Honor the Feminine Kundalini Energy Shakti

LakshmiSiddhanath has given us the Seven Yogic Techniques of Shakti mentioned below. They were developed by him for spiritual evolution and healing. Taught at the subjective level for the True Self (Soul) and the objective level for the Apparent Self (Body).

The majority of these techinques are taught at our New Life Awakening Retreats. To see when the next retreat is happening in your area, see the schedule.

  • Shakti Healing

Shakti means “Siddhanath Healing and Kundalini Transmission In-depth.” Shakti is an inner journey of awakening Kundalini Energy & cleansing the chakras. It brings about a total transformation which recuperates the body and connects one to the ultimate source of all healing. In this practice, Siddhanath has given special kumbhaks and visuals to accentuate one’s evolutionary thrust. The Shakti healing also includes precious mantras and hands on techniques for chakra surgery & integrating around a higher center of consciousness.

  • Siddhanath Samadhi Yoga

This is the way of the White Swan. This simple technique was developed by Yogiraj Siddhanath to achieve a state of natural enlightenment, where the breath is united with the mind. Those absorbed in the meditation of natural breathing are gradually led to a state of Sahaj Samadhi.

  • Ojasviya Meditation

A dynamic process of Kayakalpa. The vital fluid in the body is transformed, gradually reversing the aging process. This is a process of transforming sexual into spiritual energy. It is the alchemy of total transformation expelling disease, decay and death.

  • Advanced Omkar Meditation

The birthing hum of creation evolves your consciousness and heals all maladies by its resonant frequency. From it proceeds all sounds and mantras of Shakti Healing Enlightenment. Solve your problems by learning the suitable mantras, and the corresponding whirls with seed sounds.

  • Earth Peace Meditations

These practices are simple and complement all faiths and religions. They are for people of all ages and from all walks of life. They help doing what one does even better. They awaken within us an awareness of sharing and caring for humanity. The earth peace meditations take place every full moon.

  • Hamsa Asanas

This is the yoga of postural integration. Each posture is matched with the Hamsa breath. Asanas are enjoyable. They rejuvenate your body with vitality and help bring ease and order in your daily life.

  • GOD Healings 1, 2 & 3
  1. Gurunath Oath-Proth Dhayana
  2. Gurunath Ojasviya Dhanaya
  3. Gurunath Omkar Dhayana

Healing The Apparent Self

Of The Ignorance Of

The True Self Is The Ultimate

Essence Of All Healing

– Yogiraj Siddhanath –