Siddhanath Yog Parampara

Our Soul Cry

If earth peace is to herald the dawn of the new age, let us all realize:

Humanity is our uniting religion

Breath our uniting prayer, and

Consciousness our uniting God.

 Mission Statement

Meditated to the furthering of human awareness

Dedicated to serving humanity as one’s larger self

Devoted to New Life Awakening for Earth Peace by Self Peace

The Organization

Hamsa Yoga Sangh seeks to awaken a deeper understanding of the harmony underlying all religions and thus unfold the blossom of love which unites all humanity. The practices of Hamsa Yoga are universal in spirit and complement all faiths and religions.

The Meaning of Hamsa Yoga Sangh

Hamsa Yoga Sangh’s name consists of three important aspects of Yogiraj’s teachings and practices:

  • HAMSA means “swan (of life)” and symbolizes the Soul.

The incoming and outgoing breath in a human being are the two wings of the swan. When a Yogi unites his mind with the inflow and outflow of his casual breath he enters the natural state of stillness (Sahaj Samadhi). The mystic meaning of Hamsa is “I am merged with the Divine”

  • YOGA is union in Samadhi.

Yoga is composed mind. It is an inner ascent through ever more refined and ever more expanded spheres of consciousness towards a realization of the God-essence which lies at the core of every human’s own being.

  • SANGH is a collective awareness of souls.

It is a collective awareness of souls traveling along the passage of time, evolving until they merge into the Divine. It stands for the drop partaking of the ocean of consciousness.