Ashram Visitor Guidelines

Guidelines for Hamsas & Visitors intending to stay at the Ashram

  1. Do not show up unannounced. Please seek explicit permission from Gurunath or Gurumata before arriving at the ashram.
  2. Plan you trip and stay at the ashram only after you are permitted to do so or have registered for a retreat. The ashram should not be treated as a rental facility.
  3. In case you were invited verbally by Gurunath, please reconfirm that invite with Gurumata and Rajesh at least 1 month prior to your visit.
  4. Ashram stay months are typically in winter season from Jan to April, each year.
  5. Avoid long stays at the ashram during the months of November and December.
  6. Day visitors please call the ashram or Rajesh before coming to the ashram. Paradeshvar temple is open from 8 AM Р12 PM and 4 PM Р7 PM every day. Disciples, sadhaks and visitors can visit the temple for darshan and sadhna during this time. Please note that touching the shivaling or water around it is strictly prohibited and no rituals/puja is allowed in the Paradeshvar temple.

Ashram contact nos. (in order of preference)

Rajesh mobile#: +91 932511 9976

Ashram line#: +91 20 32301940

These guidelines and restrictions are needed due to below concerns.

Weather conditions and ashram maintenance

Ashram stay months are typically in winter season from Jan to April, each year. The month from April to June can be extremely hot. Heavy monsoon follows from June to September. There is torrential rain and mud and water is everywhere. After the monsoon season, the ashram is recovering from the rains and requires a lot of effort to bring it to the state in which we are all accustomed to seeing it during Maha Shivratri. It do not visit the ashram during these months, when maintenance work may be underway.

Safety & Security

Ashram is in a forest area on the outskirts of Pune city. This requires paid private staff and security when the disciples are staying at the Ashram. Gurunath and Gurumata view the safety of every hamsas & visitor as their personal responsibility. A casual stay for hamsas, in actuality imposes a staff overhead and extra cost on the ashram.

Recuperation for Gurunath

As you know Gurunath is teaching, empowering and transmitting non-stop year around, for many years now. Activities like satsangs and retreats in India and authoring his publications and recordings continue even after his Europe and USA tour in the month of November. Due to his love for his disciples he never denies any seeker, however untimely their request. All this puts lot of strain on our beloved Guru. He needs to have some time to rest and spend with his family. Avoid stays at the ashram during the months of November and December.


Gurunath may make exceptions to certain Hamsas for ashram stay any time of the year, who are assigned to projects or special work. As always, the word of the Guru is final and disciples are welcome to stay in the ashram at his discretion to help him in his work. As hamsas we should be aware and mindful of these issues. Our hope is to run the Ashram in an easy but organized manner so that it aids the mission of Gurunath. As always the ashram is open to all true seekers and devotees.